Creativity and technology blend at Acentria Technologies to give you powerful and user friendly websites. Whether it is a single web page or the entire website, Acentria Technologies is one stop for every web requirement. Our web technology services include branding, affordable website designing, website development and outsourced web hosting support among others. In the current scenario where it is all about carving a strong online presence, a website is largely instrumental in an enterprise’s success. Website designing along with website development plays a crucial role in a company’s growth.

Web designing is all about the outline and the graphics of a web site. We aim to create web pages which are user friendly and engaging at the same time ensuring customer’s loyalty to your website. We build web pages with strong interactive features without compromising on the architecture and branding features. Website Development, on the other hand is the backbone of a website. It is the core coding procedure that holds all the web applications of your website together. We provide you with flexible and cost effective web development solutions to keep your website way ahead of its contemporaries. Our website development team comprises of professionals having technical expertise and also a creative edge. We try to come up with new and innovative ideas each time assuring exclusivity in all our projects.

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Online presence is quintessential, however small the business be. The first step for a business to establish its presence online is a website. Website is one space which possesses information about an organization and their products and services. Acentria Technologies works on this concept and develop and design websites that are in sync with the brand image of our clients. We strive to create a virtual version of your business in the form of a website that is informative and interactive at the same time. We provide you with affordable web designing services and innovative website development services. Websites are in one way reflection of your organization on the web. We create websites that are dynamic, easily navigable and with a user-friendly interface along with many interesting and engaging features. We are also one of the most recognized e-commerce website developers as we assist our clients in creating a themed website design for each online portal. Our creative group of web developers not only handle the graphic and outline of a website but also develop the web pages using high-end programming techniques and complex coding methods. A website is a business’ first step towards brand building and we ensure that we create a strong picture of your organization on the web.

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Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing play a very important role in determining the success of a business. 90% of the world’s population look for their needs and requirements on a search engine website. It is therefore crucial to adopt search engine optimization for your enterprise. With search engine optimization, you can improve the traffic on your website drastically. We, at Acentria Technologies cater to all search engine optimization requisites and ensure our clients a higher rank on the search engine pages. Our bunch of expert web content managers adopt extensive keyword analysis tools and make use of appropriate keyword stuffing to put your website on the top of a search engine tab. We monitor every single detail on your website without fail and modify it as per the latest keyword trends.  We also design and maintain blog pages of our clients as blogging is one way an organization can improve their ranks on a search engine page. We create blog pages that are creative, interesting and fun to browse through. Search engine websites connect people all over the globe and we tap these resources effectively to divert maximum traffic to your website.

Marketing plays a very crucial role for any business to grow and be successful.   In today’s technologically advanced scenario where everything is going online, the marketing field has also established its presence on the web. The key to efficient marketing on the web is optimum visibility of your website on the internet. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services provided at Acentria Technologies give your enterprise’s website a higher rank on the search engine pages thereby giving you a huge customer base. We analyse about the keywords relevant to your business and adjust the same in your website content to generate and convert traffic. The use of web analytic tools and HTML validators enable us to measure the success rate of your website and modify the marketing techniques accordingly. From simple ones to the most sophisticated ones, we use the best search engine marketing techniques to get your website the desired popularity and ranking. . Our team of competent IT professionals and management experts constantly guide our clients with every aspect related to online marketing. We create the marketing plan as per your audience and their response and that in turn helps you get your strategy right.

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Mobile applications developed at Acentria Technologies are fast, simple, secure, user-friendly and engaging. We develop applications with innovative features and that help you stay connected with the enterprise resources even on the move. Our mobile applications services include Android Applications, iOS Applications among other applications specific to any industry. The Android OS is the most used interface in Smartphones. Apart from mobile handsets, android platform is used in various other devices such as watches, eyewear etc. Acentria Technologies create all sorts of applications for an android platform; enterprise related or for entertainment purposes. We provide services that translate an enterprise’s need or user’s need into a full-fledged android application. With iOS being the most popular platform, applications dedicated to this operating system will help you keep your business ahead of the other contemporaries. Our team of iOS experts create applications that add value to your business and help you in brand positioning. Our timely deployment of applications  in a cost effective way have made us one of the most revered Android and iOS Application Developers across the globe.

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Acentria Technologies create out-of-the-box desktop applications that are customized, user friendly and also browser independent. We transform the looks and functionality of a desktop according to our client’s requirements. We help you get rid of the cluttering at desktop and offer you a much sleeker and cool monitor screen. We design such applications that make your working on a personal computer or a laptop or Mac book much easier and fun. The creative group at Acentria Technologies customize desktop application for all kinds of operating systems. The efficient use of languages like Java, C++ and other technologies like .NET, enable us to develop secure cross platform applications. . From Windows to Linux to Macintosh, we develop desktop applications for various industries tailored according to their requirements. We make flexible desktop applications that can be conveniently modified as per the need and growth of a business.

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Every organization requires a simple and hassle free method to generate reports and to analyse data in a simple and effective manner. We create reporting software suites that are simple to learn and easy to use. The tools we incorporate in designing a reporting software application do away with the complexities a business encounters in data study. A well informed decision is a must for a business to succeed. The customized reporting software applications created at Acentria Technologies are interactive and enable you to visually analyse any report or chart. Also with our reporting software suite one can upload any data and also push data from any applications.  We build these applications according to the size, requirement and needs of our customers. This application helps our clients to build the reporting architecture in lesser time and at lower price thereby rendering an upper hand to their business.

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Application Services in today’s volatile business environment provide a major breakthrough to an enterprise to adapt itself to the momentum of the market. At times, getting the software that suits our business’ needs is not feasible enough. At Acentria Technologies, we equip you with the latest and the new-age applications that are custom-made to meet your business requisites. We work hand in hand with our clients to build applications and software that renders them a strategic edge over their competitors. Amalgamating latest technological innovations with skilled management techniques, Acentria Technologies provide high quality applications enabling our clients to turn the tide of market to their advantage. From interesting Smartphone and Ios applications to dynamic gaming graphics to complex applications software, our applications are easy to use, maintainable, and remarkably secure. Owing to the quality of the application development services provided at Acentria Technologies, we are gradually climbing up the ladder to become the leading mobile app development company across the globe.

We deploy quality tools and practices to provide you extended services right from application designing to implementation to testing and handing over of the software. Our infrastructure and the pool of skilled resources help us to provide our clients with applications software at lower costs and in lesser time. Collaborating with us will help you expand your abilities and horizons that will increase the productivity and in turn empower you to garner increased returns on your investment.


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The most interactive platform to build and foster customer relationships is the social media platform. Social media marketing is the most cost effective method to bring your enterprise to the fore and to increase your website traffic. Acentria Technologies help you create and manage your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and all other social handles effectively. We provide our clients with out-of-the-box and customer friendly ideas that along with increasing the sales help our clients to build a long-lasting relationship with their customers. Our major focus is on creating ideas that attracts attention and increases engagement of your clients. Our team of online communication managers make your business and products visible to that bracket of people where the knowledge about your products is negligible increasing your clientele. All the social media activities we undertake are directed towards building a strong brand image for our clients. The online marketing techniques we use are in line with the latest trends on the web and social networking sites which in turn fetches you a wide customer base globally. Our consistent social media marketing services will give you a cost effective access to the trending marketing schemes and the way to use them for your advantage.

Social media optimization is the most important activity that can reap wonders for an organization. Acentria Technologies as your social media associate can leverage your enterprise to new heights and help you build your identity as a brand. Our social media optimization services include creating and maintaining your social media page, updating the relevant information about your organization regularly, social bookmarking, increasing your fans and followers by improving your social page’s reach and monitoring your daily posts and updates keeping your customers engaged and interested. Our social media circuits comprise of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Our SMO services are in line with the concept of your enterprise and we ensure the relevancy of each social activity is maintained. We aim to promote your organization on an international level with targeted brand building activities. Apart from maintaining your social media handles, we take utmost care of your brand image. The social media optimization techniques we undertake, assure the strengthening of a business’ brand health and reputation.

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With increased use of IT and internet to support almost every business operation, it gets a little complicated at times to manage an enterprise in a simple and cost effective manner. Server support services, thus, have become an indispensable requirement of an enterprise to meet the growing business demands. Acentria Technologies helps an organisation in simplifying and optimising their business activities by providing them with 24/7 server support services. Our aim is to put together a powerful server infrastructure that supports your operational, product and business needs. The control of an organization over server infrastructure is significant to manage business growth, to reduce costs, to boost network and application service levels and for installing new technologies and applications rapidly and efficiently.

Our portfolio of server support services includes server installation, server management services, server integration, and server update, installation of Operating System, security network services, database administration, executing the data backup strategy and troubleshooting among others. These services assist you to develop your computing techniques and improve its management, security and performance. Moreover, our server establishes a highly secure server environment and also reduces the total cost of ownership of an enterprise. Your business requisites will be fulfilled effectively on time with our uninterrupted server assistance and support.

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