Project Description – The most beautiful teddy bear shop in the Netherlands. Bears for all children from 0 to 100 years! Exclusive Teddy Bears Netherlands.


As at October 1, 2014 as a “temporary shop” began to get a nice sequel. COUNTRY BEARS moves within the Tamboerpassage to larger premises where they will start their own children’s shop behind the bears.

Rene Karst started in the Tamboerpassage in Hoogeveen last year with  the most beautiful teddy bears shop in the Netherlands.  During the first months he dropped the subject teddy bears so inspired that he invented a bear named Ploeff! Together with painter / artist Ivo Winnubst he made ​​his own ploeff bear that became the idea for stories and songs. Not soon after Rene came up with the idea to develop a children’s theater in / at the store.

For individuals but also for children’s Bear Country special combinations to remember. For example, a children’s party can be combined with workshops like: Bears Baking cookies, making bears chocolates etc etc. Also, combinations as possible bowling (at KIRI) with a show at COUNTRY BEARS or a presentation followed by schnitzel with chips at Heinrich!

Soon the calendar online with the performances that will be presented here on different days. The amphitheater with 70 seats will get a cozy look for include children’s shows. Of course, can also be interpreted differently by special request to the theater and even include a program tailored ‘to the possibilities. Product presentations and special shows for smaller groups (and adults) are also in consultation always possible.