Project Description

EcoBins are the new office recycling system that revolutionises your recycling habits.  EcoBin is an Australian owned company that began in 2008 and in just a few short years we have become the number one choice for recycling coloured bins for over 5,000 businesses and are only continuing to grow.

EcoBin supplies office and businesses with colour coded recycling bins to customers across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Customers choose our waste bins thanks to a proven track record in improving waste management. By investing in Eco Bins you are not only investing in the environment but also helping to reduce your costs and increase profits.

EcoBins have an attractive design that will brighten up any office and have already proven to be a hit with staff, taking the confusion out of recycling. Many Australians have the right intentions and wish to recycle but are just unaware of the correct procedures and end up doing more harm than good.

Using EcoBins system of colour coded waste bins, you are able to easily sort your waste and minimise contamination. EcoBins makes recycling fun and easy and allows everyone to become active members in helping the environment.  EcoBins are 100% Australian owned and made and are washable and recyclable.  They are designed to last the lifetime of your office.