Tailored software solution services

In today’s volatile business environment provide a major breakthrough to an enterprise to adapt itself to the momentum of the market. At times, getting the software that suits our business’ needs is not feasible enough. At Acentria Technologies, we equip you with the latest and the new-age applications that are custom-made to meet your business requisites. We work hand in hand with our clients to build applications and software that renders them a strategic edge over their competitors. Amalgamating latest technological innovations with skilled management techniques, Acentria Technologies is tailored software solutions company that is provide high quality tailored software applications enabling our clients to turn the tide of market to their advantage. From interesting Smartphone and Ios applications to dynamic gaming graphics to complex applications software, our applications are easy to use, maintainable, and remarkably secure. Owing to the quality of the application development services provided at Acentria Technologies, we are gradually climbing up the ladder to become the leading tailored software solutions company across the globe.

We deploy quality tools and practices to provide you extended services right from application designing to implementation to testing and handing over of the software. Our infrastructure and the pool of skilled resources help us to provide our clients with applications software at lower costs and in lesser time. Collaborating with us will help you expand your abilities and horizons that will increase the productivity and in turn empower you to garner increased returns on your investment.

Acentria Tech make you business More productive through-

Promoting collaboration                             Promotion efficiency

Sales                                                                Project management

Membership                                                  Service organizations

Service organizations                                  Training organizations

Insurance teams                                          Customer service teams


Acentria Tech feels proud to working on custom tailored software solutions using the best techniques since 8+ years.


  • Acentria tech provides custom tailored software’s using cutting edge technologies.
  • We specialize in database application development for desktop and web deployment.
  • Our experts create applications that have more flexibility and require less hand on work with better results.
  • We can streamline your business processes to automate your procedures and capture data for analysis.
  • We review your current workflow to make recommendations that make the most of your current technology.
  • Our niche is in helping clients harness their data for analysis to better understand their industry trends.

Technologies for Tailored Software services






Sql Server




Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

We experts in tailored custom Applications which results in a mini-ERP like system. Also we have expertise in It Services like Web Site Design & development, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, CMS, Logo designing, server support services.

We also help to market your company/website by Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, PPC and Email marketing.

We undertake both, a complete end to end application development projects and also module by module projects.

We work both in offshore and onshore location depending on the needs of the customer.

Our seasoned software professionals are dedicated to provide reliable and cost-effective end-product. Our Application Development model is a result of our experiences from various innovations and enhancements, and is engineered to deliver a product that not only fulfills clients’ requirements, but also adheres to global standards of software engineering.


In between prepackaged software and custom platforms comes Custom Application Development. Out of the many benefits of Custom Application Development, flexibility is something that stands out. Other business advantages are IP rights, higher process management capabilities, Integration with legacy systems, Made-to-order business dashboards, expandability, ownership of code and great amount of agility.

We have been highly successful while working with numerous international customers, both onsite and offshore. We understand our client’s needs, be it in terms of communications and more often than not high level of responsiveness.

Acentria Tech tailored software solutions company design software to:

  • meet your needs and those of your staff
  • significantly improve the way that you and your staff work
  • give you better information to manage your business efficiently
  • save valuable time
  • reduce costs and produce better results
  • be user friendly.
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